Physiotherapy in Bhandup

At our Physiotherapy Department, we focus on personal rehabilitation and other therapeutic interventions for better physical health, mobility, etc. Consequently, this helps us to improve the welfare of our patients through personalized rehabilitation exercises carried out by well experienced physiotherapists who have modern equipment with latest techniques.

Why Choose Sudhanshu Hospital for Physiotherapy?

Our Treatments @ Sudhanshu

Rehabilitation Therapy:

We offer customized rehabilitation programs targeting patients with orthopaedic injuries, sports injuries, joint replacements and surgeries. Our rehabilitation therapy incorporates exercises, manual methods and modes like ultrasound and eStim to bring back power, flexibility and movement.

Pain Management:

Our physiotherapists specialize in pain management techniques designed for acute and chronic pain conditions. We combine manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and pain relief modalities to assist patients in controlling their pain levels while improving mobility that will result in better quality of life.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation:

We have specialized rehab programs for athletes or individuals interested in sports who are healing from sport related injuries such as sprains, strains, ligament tears or fractures. Theses program concentrates on regaining physical strength, flexibility hence enabling the patient return safely to sports activities.

Neurological Rehabilitation:

Among the services we offer at our physiotherapy department are specialized programs for stroke paralysis patients or those suffering from traumatic brain related diseases like multiple sclerosis. Motor function improvement through neurorehabilitation approaches is vital towards attainment of balance skills coordination together with fostering independence when carrying out daily routines.

Team of Doctors @ Sudhanshu Hospital

We have a dedicated doctor's team committed to giving excellent healthcare through compassion, expertise, and honesty. Our doctors are leading the way in healthcare excellence with their range of specialties and shared love for better patient outcomes.

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